margarin02 (karlusha1986) wrote,

Пара полезных фраз и выражений

Hop in - садиться в транспортное средство (get in a vehicle)
Let's hop in the car and drive over to your house.

Get up on the wrong side of the bed - встать не с той ноги (wake up in a bad mood)
He looks terrible this morning. I think he got up on the wrong side of the bed

Wiped out - изнуренный, измотанный, усталый (exhausted, pooped, tired)
She was wiped out after hiking through the woods for 5 hours.

Rant and rave - орать и кричать (scream and shout)
They had a huge argument. They were ranting and raving for most of the night.

Don't get a wink of sleep - не сомкнуть глаз (don't have even a short period of sleep)
He had insomnia last night, so he didn't get a wink of sleep.

Snooze - дремать (nap, sleep)
My dog loves to snooze on the big sofa in the living room.

Handy - удобный для пользования (convenient)
It's really handy having a computer in my dormitory room.

Show someone the ropes - полностью ввести кого-то в курс дела (to tell or show someone how something works)
My older sister showed me the ropes when I was a freshman at university.

Give someone a hand - помочь кому-то (help someone)
Could you give me a hand with the housework today?
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